Policy Positions

Five Pillars:

Pillar Five: Government Transparency and Accountability


  • Government should be accountable to the people
  • Citizens should have full visibility into the mechanisms and decision-making processes of their government
  • Representatives must be held accountable by their constituents for their votes, capital outlay distributions, and political relationships
  • NMLegis.org needs to be updated to provide easier access (better user interface) to the public
  • Representatives should be required to hold town halls or public communication meetings on a regular basis throughout their tenure
  • Dark money and corporate campaign contributions must be sharply curtailed
  • Gerrymandered districts must be immediately redistricted to more accurately reflect regional interests
  • Investigate ranked choice voting as a more equitable method of electing government officials
  • Strengthen and fully fund the state ethics agencies and create stiff penalties for elected officials misusing public property for political purposes