Friends, Colleagues and Neighbors,

It is my pleasure to meet you!

My name is Jennifer Gose and I am running for New Mexico House of Representatives District 54. 

My goals for this office are simple:


  • REPRESENT EVERYONE who lives, works, and invests in Southeastern New Mexico. District 54 DESERVES to have its voice heard in The Roundhouse.


  • LISTEN AND APPLY to my platform the needs, wants and desires of village, city, county, education, healthcare, employment, transportation, incarceration, economic, and many other officials and community leaders.


  •  ADVOCATE for those whose voice is silenced.


  •  LEGISLATE for the benefit of the greatest number of people in the district. Do the MOST GOOD.



That being said, A little about me: 

Lubbock, TX, just up the road, is my hometown. I literally grew up downwind of the stock yards, in the middle of a cotton field, next to a pumpjack. My families have been on this continent since the mid-17th century and most all fought in the American Revolutionary War. In fact, the family military tradition carried through to present day. My Grandfather served in the Pacific Theatre during WWII as a Seabee, in both the Navy and Marines. He received a Golden Shellback and was present on Iwo Jima when the flag was raised in that iconic photograph. My father is Lt. Colonel US ARMY (Retired) as a JAG Officer, a Vietnam and Iraq War veteran. My brother is a US Marine, and most of my cousins, aunts and uncles have served. I personally applied to the US Air Force Academy as a teenager, but at the time women were not allowed to fly jets in combat, so I was not allowed to serve in that capacity due to the archaic military rules at the time.

Professionally, I am an entrepreneur, a sales and marketing professional, and a consultant. I have always been industry agnostic and have worked in multiple industries over time. Some include:


Hospitality & Tourism


Technology (Longest tenure)

Real Estate

Event, conference and trade show production

High Tech recruiting and HR (software, hardware and firmware as well as chipset manufacture and design)

Political Activism

NGOs, Corporate Social Responsibility, and Public-Private Partnerships

I have depth and breadth of experience and knowledge gained over 30 years which serves to inform policy, problem-solving, diplomacy, and consensus-building skills. In other words, not a one-trick pony.

I was educated at several different Texas colleges and universities over the years and am currently completing my Baccalaureate in Business Administration at the University of New Mexico. Next step education-wise is the LSAT and hopefully Law school at UNM. Learning the law is a lifelong personal goal. It’s never too late to learn new things. I consider myself a lifelong learner and have an insatiable curiosity about everything. 

I married my best friend in the world in 1996. We are still together 23 years later.

I was blessed with my super funny, sweet and smart kiddo in 2005.

I have a goofy German Shepherd Dog named Zelda and two rescue cats named Cotton Mather and Squeaks McKitten.

I have lived in almost every corner of Texas. I was born and raised in Lubbock as well as Houston in the early 80’s during the oil boom, College Station, Dallas, and finally Austin for about 18 years. We sold our house in Austin, TX in 2016 and moved to Cloudcroft, NM full time. I live on a mountain, in a cabin in the woods and it suits me fine.


My heart belongs to the Southwest.

The Land of Enchantment called and we came.

Why I’m running


  •    Southeastern New Mexico needs proper, attentive representation in Santa Fe.


  •    Southeastern New Mexico is a land FULL of opportunity, it deserves a representative who sees this and will fight for community economic investment, industry diversification, training and educational opportunity, and good jobs.


  •    Basic issues such as healthcare access, early childhood education, family support, and infrastructure that affect Southeastern New Mexicans on a daily basis are being neglected and ignored. 


  •    It is a lifelong goal to enter public service.


  •    I am inspired by all the women nationally who are getting things DONE


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