As I have been talking with and listening to folks that live in Southeastern New Mexico, many issues have become GLARINGLY clear. 

Before we get into it, here are the things I consider before supporting any policy position:

Guiding Principles

  • Is it necessary?

  • Is it ethical?

  • Is it Constitutional?

  • Is it kind?

  • It it helpful?

  • Will it do the most good?


Beyond this, I have identified and will focus on five major policy areas plus some region-specific needs that will be identified and discussed as they come to light. As District 54 covers 3 counties (Otero, Eddy and Chaves) with drastically different economic bases, I will have policy pages specific to these areas and I encourage constituents in these counties to SOUND OFF to inform me of things that affect YOU.

In effect, these policy positions will be constantly updated as I gather more information. My PRIMARY goal is to REPRESENT YOU.

Here are brief descriptions of my policy positions. Additional information is on the pages in the links below and in the drop down menu above.


The Five Policy Pillars



Economic Development




Healthcare is a fundamental human right. Regardless of their circumstance, everyone in New Mexico and the U.S. should have access to comprehensive, affordable, high-quality health care in conjunction with comprehensive behavioral health services, and reproductive care.





I believe that an educated populace is the cornerstone of sustainable democracy, and the single most important driver of economic prosperity. Affordable, high-quality pre-K through college education (and/or trade schools / professional training) is a basic right that is protected by New Mexico’s dedicated, high-quality educators. We believe that it is the responsibility of the government to ensure that the public education system prepares all to participate meaningfully in society.






Every American, including women, people of color, and other marginalized communities, has the right to a job that earns enough to provide adequate food, housing,clothing, healthcare, recreation, and protection from the economic fears of old age, illness, or accidents, while ensuring adequate resources for future generations to provide equally for themselves. And businesses have the right to operate free from unfair competition at home and abroad. We support a progressive tax system where all businesses and individuals pay their fair share.






I support the use of clean energy and will train the workforce, create jobs, and support small businesses as we transition to a renewable energy infrastructure. We will position New Mexico as a key global hub for technology, manufacturing, and construction to join and accelerate the clean energy transition as a means to protect air, land, and water,and stop the worst effects of climate change.





I support creating an obtainable path to citizenship and comprehensive reform that creates a humane and non-discriminatory immigration system that keeps families together, and strengthens our economy.