As I have been talking with and listening to folks that live in Southeastern New Mexico, many issues have become GLARINGLY clear. 

Before we get into it, here are the things I consider before supporting any policy position:

Guiding Principles

  • Is it necessary?

  • Is it ethical?

  • Is it Constitutional?

  • Is it kind?

  • It it helpful?

  • Will it do the most good?


Beyond this, I have identified and will focus on five major policy areas plus some region-specific needs that will be identified and discussed as they come to light. As District 54 covers 3 counties (Otero, Eddy and Chaves) with drastically different economic bases, I will have policy pages specific to these areas and I encourage constituents in these counties to SOUND OFF to inform me of things that affect YOU.

In effect, these policy positions will be constantly updated as I gather more information. My PRIMARY goal is to REPRESENT YOU.

 Additional information is on the pages in the links below and in the drop down menu above.


The Five Policy Pillars

Healthcare Policy Positions

Education Policy Positions

Environmental Policy Positions

Economic Development Policy Positions

Government Transparency and Accountability Policy Positions